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Maritime Hammock Sanctuary

Maritime Hammock Sanctuary
6200 S Hwy A1A
Melbourne Beach, FL 32951

roseate spoonbill, osprey, screech owl, wading birds, migratory birds, bobcat, raccoon, otter, gopher tortoise, alligator, giant land crab, and dolphin in the Indian River Lagoon

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Map of Area Around Maritime Hammock Sanctuary
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The Maritime Hammock Sanctuary is in the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge west of A1A on the barrier island. This 150-acre sanctuary features a hiking trail with 2 bridges, boardwalk over wetland areas, and an observation deck over a marsh pond. Visitors experience a variety of protected barrier island habitats: coastal strand, maritime hammock, and mangrove forests. A portion of this sanctuary was once the site of an exotic plant nursery. Many of the nonnative plants that were grown at the nursery, such as Madagascar periwinkle and asparagus fern have escaped into the hammock. An intensive nonnative invasive plant removal project is underway.

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