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Cape Canaveral Hotel Guide

Welcome to the Cape Canaveral, Florida Hotel Guide.

As per Section 509.242, Florida Statutes; A hotel is any public lodging establishment containing sleeping room accommodations for 25 or more guests and providing the services generally provided by a hotel and recognized as a hotel in the community in which it is situated or by the industry.

We know that finding great hotels in Cape Canaveral that meet all your needs and expectations is difficult at best. Locals and visitors alike will find the information gathered by to be helpful in making sure you find the best hotels in Cape Canaveral that will fulfill your particular needs.

As of Wednesday, January 21, 2015 there are two (2) licensed hotels in Cape Canaveral with a total of three hundred and one (301) rental units for you to choose from and enjoy.

Current Weather Conditions In Cape Canaveral, Florida.