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Parks and Recreation Areas in Brevard County

Recreational opportunities in Brevard County range from nature preserves to state-of-the-art athletic facilities and active community centers. Features that inspire both active and quiet pursuits include wildlife sanctuaries, beaches, rivers, lakes, boat ramps, nature centers and trails, cultural sites, an aquatic center, playgrounds, event and picnic pavilions, and a variety of sports facilities. 

Extending 72 miles along Florida’s Atlantic coast and inland up to 20 miles to the St. Johns River, Brevard County is represented by a wide variety of natural resources, vegetation, and wildlife species.  Three predominant geographic features create distinct environments:  the Indian River Lagoon, the coastal ridge with its pine and oak forests, and the St. Johns River valley with its wet and dry prairies.  The most renowned is the Indian River Lagoon surrounding Merritt Island and separated from the Atlantic Ocean by a barrier peninsula.  This lagoon is America’s most diverse estuary system with more than 4,300 kinds of plants and animals.  From the vast savanah of the St. Johns to the dunes and maritime hammocks along the coast, from open pine-lands to hardwood oak forests, parks in Brevard County preserve Florida’s natural features to be experienced and appreciated, while providing access to a variety of recreational opportunities.

The parks listed below enhance the quality of life in Brevard County by providing leisure activities that reflect the interest and values of its’ citizens and visitors alike.

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